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The influenza vaccine has been around for decades. Every year, millions of Americans receive this vaccination to protect them from developing the flu, which can cause severe side effects and is sometimes even fatal. Unfortunately, for all the good that the flu vaccine can do, it can also lead to adverse effects and injury in some cases.

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Flu Vaccine Injury Symptoms

Most people who receive the flu vaccine are inflicted by nothing but a quick, sharp pinch and possible soreness around the injection site that lasts no more than a few days. Other mild effects may include a mild fever, a feeling of fatigue, sore joints, hoarseness, and coughing, or a slight headache. Some, however, experience far worse side effects after receiving the shot.

The flu vaccine may cause:

Flu Vaccine Ingredients

The flu vaccine contains either a live virus or an inactivated virus to stimulate the production of antibodies necessary to fight the flu. The strain of the virus included in the flu shot changes every year as the virus mutates. In addition to particles of the virus, various additives and fillers are combined into the final vaccine to prevent you from actually contracting the flu after injection.

Egg protein is one of the most common ingredients in the flu vaccine. Individuals who are allergic to eggs must either receive an alternate version or avoid the vaccine altogether. Other additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, and preservatives to prevent against bacteria growth and other issues. While these additives are beneficial to the vaccine itself, some people may experience adverse allergic reactions due to these secondary ingredients.

What to Do if You Experience Adverse Effects

If you start to notice unusual side effects, severe pain, muscle weakness, or tingling sensations after receiving your flu shot, seek medical attention right away. Most conditions caused by flu vaccines are best treated quickly to ensure that they do not get worse. Be sure to tell your doctor all the details of when, where, and how long ago you received the flu shot.

Depending on your diagnosis and condition, you may be eligible to seek compensation by filing a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. During a free consultation with our Houston vaccine injury attorneys, you can tell your story and find out whether your injuries are grounds for a lawsuit.

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